The new "Blue2" ESR meters...
After endless delays, they should
soon be
  available from EVB

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Silent Blue2 ESR meter
Standard version

Measurement range
: 0.001 to 99 ohms, auto-ranging

Peak voltage across capacitor under test: 50mV or less
Power supply: 2x AA cells which can be NiMH rechargeables
Controls: Single push button for power on/off
Dimensions: 3.1 x 
4.6" (79  x 117mm)
Microcontroller: PIC16F15354


* No lead resistance zeroing needed
* Tests electrolytic capacitors in circuit, & test leads are non-polarized.
* Automatic power off when reading is unchanged for 5 minutes.
* Low battery voltage warning ('bA' flashes on displays every 2 seconds).
* Big, easy to read 0.56 inch (14mm) blue LED displays.
Talking Blue2 ESR meter
Talking version

This meter is exactly the same as the standard version, except that it says what's on the displays. This is for technicians who already know what are good and suspect ESR readings without looking at the chart of typical ESR figures.

The only functional difference is that the speaker volume is adjusted by holding the button down for a few seconds until the volume setting is displayed, and the volume changes by one step for each button press, including muting the sound.

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